Food Industry Skills

This apprenticeship offers learners the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge required to progress upwards and onwards in the food industry.


These qualifications are designed for those who are working in a food manufacture or supply chain business. They offer the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge required to confirm competence at work in food and drink operative or technical roles.

The qualifications within this suite provide food businesses with an opportunity to develop good food manufacturing practices and understanding. They allow skills and knowledge to be developed in a wide variety of areas depending upon the type of business and processes/products that apply. The qualifications can relate to any type of food and drink manufacturing or supply chain business, but is most suitable for automated and semi-automated processing operations.

The broad menu of skills and knowledge within the qualifications can be chosen to reflect the role, responsibilities and development needs of learners. These include compliance functions like food safety and health and safety; operative functions including process control and problem resolution and specific functions like packaging and labelling.

Modules may include:

  • Maintain plant and equipment in food operations
  • Resolve problems in food operations
  • Carry out sampling for quality control in food operations
  • Understand how to evaluate and improve production in food manufacture
  • Understand how to plan production schedules in food manufacture
  • Understand how to carry out process control in food manufacture
  • Set objectives and provide support for team members
  • Monitor food safety at critical control points in operations
  • Analyse and report data