Food Management

Our Food Management apprenticeship offers learners the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge required to progress upwards and onwards in the food management.


These qualifications are designed for those who are working in a food supply chain environment. They offer the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge required to prove competence at work in supervisory management and team leading roles.

The qualifications within this suite provide food manufacturers and supply chain businesses with a unique blend of business management competencies, with technical food management competencies set in a food business context.

Those undertaking the food management training courses will cover a range of areas within food supply chain contexts, such as manufacture, logistics, retail. These include food management and improvement of team performance, management and improvement of technical controls, quality assurance and deployment of business systems.


There are many units that meet your individual circumstances.Units are spread across Planning, Allocating Resources, Deploying Operations, Monitoring, and Support.

Examples of units include:

  • Contribute to the development of a strategic plan in a food business
  • Principles of quality systems in a food business
  • Understand how to manage conflict in a food business
  • Understand how to contribute to the assessment of operational costs in a food business
  • Understand how to monitor and control throughput to achieve targets in food operations 3

Click here for a full list of available units. Strive Training will work with you to design your ideal programme.

Professional Progression

This apprenticeship is ideal for those currently working in, or looking to gain entry into, the following positions:

Organisation and Development Manager (Food and Drink)

Business optimisation and improvement within a Food and Drink organisation

Technical Manager (Food and Drink)

Undertaking technical projects within a Food and Drink production environment

Team Leader (Food and Drink)

Managing a team delivering food manufacture and processing objectives

Food and Drink Productivity Manager

Improving and sustaining productivity within a Food and Drink manufacturing organisation

Next Steps...

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