Fish and Shellfish

The Fish and Shellfish apprenticeship offers learners the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge required to progress onwards and upwards in the fish and shellfish industry.


Students on our Fish and Shellfish apprenticeship will develop the essential skills to work within the fish industry – be it in processing, a fish and chips outlet, or a fishmonger. They work closely with our industry-experienced assessors to learn the core principles of working with fish and shellfish. This apprenticeship is available at both Level 2 and Level 3.  


Funding band: £1,500

Length: Minimum 12 months

Sample units:

  • Fillet fish by hand
  • Understand how to gut and clean fish by hand
  • Control fish skinning operations
  • Understand how to process fish by hand
  • Principles of frying fish and chips


Professional Progression:

  • Sales/Service Support Assistant
  • Fishmonger
  • Fish/Shellfish Processing Operative

Funding band: £6,000

Length: Minimum 18 months

Sample Units:

  • Monitor oil frying operations
  • Understand how to monitor the reception and holding of live fish/shellfish
  • Evaluate and improve production in food manufacture
  • Understand how to carry out sampling for quality control in food operations
  • Maximise sales in a food retail environment

Professional Progression:

  • Master Fishmonger
  • Assistant Fishmonger
  • Bivalve Purification Manager/Supervisor
  • Manager/Deputy Manager/Shift Supervisor of Fish and Chip Shop
  • Fish and Shellfish Processing Technical Manager/Supervisor


Funding band: £12,000

Length: Minimum 18 months


  • The history and development of the fish and shellfish sector
  • The range of commercially available fish and shellfish species, harvesting methods and fish stocks
  • The fish and shellfish supply chain
  • Seasonality and supply and the factors that impact on price and availability
  • Safe handling and storage of fish and shellfish from receipt to sale, including opening and closing a fish display counter
  • The principles of product food safety
  • Stock control, product pricing, traceability and quality assurance
  • Preparation of the different types of fish and shellfish for retail display and sale
  • The principles of displaying fish and shellfish for sale
  • Customer requirements, complaints and how to meet their expectations
  • The principles of selling fish and shellfish, profitability and how to maximise sales
  • How to process the sale of fish and shellfish including weighing, packing and labelling
  • The factors that impact on the commercial success of the business
  • Basic cooking methods – recipes for a variety of fish and shellfish
  • Health and safety within the working environment


Next Steps...

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