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Gain an Entry Level 3 Certificate in Customer Service with Strive Training in just two weeks



Get the skills, confidence and accreditation that will help you get your next job. Impress potential employers and develop the knowledge to succeed in the workplace. Customer Service roles offer great career development and promotion opportunities in many industries.

This course will help you develop your professional skills in customer service. It is suited for anyone involved in customer service roles. This includes reps and managers, call centre operators, even retail and leisure employees.

Many of the skills developed aren't limited to customer service roles. Creating a good impression and communicating effectively will help you in any job. This includes sales reps and account management positions.

The right course for you.

This course will help you:

  • Improve communication with custumers
  • Deal with any complaints more effectively
  • Ensure customers stay with your business
  • Use best practice customer service
  • Learn to resolve difficult situation calmy and firmly
  • Achieve your costumer service KPIs to shine in your role

A qualification that improves your CV

  • On completion of this course, you will achieve a City and Guilds
  • Entry Level 3 Certificate for Introduction to Customer Service.
  • City and Guilds are a leading skills development organisation.
  • They help trainees develop practical skills to help in their careers.
  • Their qualifications are valued by employers across the world..
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Delivered to maximise your education

The course is delivered by Strive Training and takes place in a classroom environment at our teaching centre in Croydon. Attendees are taught using demonstrations, group work, paired work and individual learning. This is a 2 week, full time course that runs from 9.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday. The course start date is 4th September 2017.

About our tutors

Courses are run by tutors with direct experience in customer service. They are able to bring customer service concepts to life in an interesting and engaging way. We consistently receive feedback from previous attendees who tell us how enjoyable they found the teaching.

Full course content

Introduction to customer service:

  • Outcome 1 - Know basic customer service terms
  • Outcome 2 - Know the customer service process and its importance
  • Outcome 3 - Be able to learn from own experience of costumer service

Understand how to deal with queries and requests

  • Outcome 1 - Know the services of a section of department within an organisation
  • Outcome 2 – Know the types of question that customers will ask
  • Outcome 3 – Know how to recognise when a customer has a query or request
  • Outcome 4 – Know how to clarify details of queries or requests from customers

Communicate effectively with customers

  • Outcome 1 – Know the importance of speaking clearly to customers
  • Outcome 2 – Know the importance of listening actively to customers
  • Outcome 3 – Know the importance of using information from customers to contribute to good

Create a good impression to customers

  • Outcome 1 – Be able to dress appropriately for a customer service job
  • Outcome 2 – Be able to demonstrate an appropriate appearance for a customer service job
  • Outcome 3 – Be able to relate effectively to customers

Effective relationships with customers and colleagues

  • Outcome 1 – Know how to relate effectively to customers
  • Outcome 2 – Know how to relate effectively to colleagues in a customer service team
  • Outcome 3 – Effective relationships with customers and colleagues. Mystery Shop

Legislation, regulation and organisational procedures for customer service

  • Outcome 1 – Know organisational procedures for a particular customer service job
  • Outcome 2 – Know how to protect the security of property and information when delivering
  • Outcome 3 – Know the health and safety rules of delivering customer service
  • Outcome 4 – Know the relevant external rules in a customer service job
What previous attendees say

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    Important Information

    Required knowledge

    No previous knowledge or relevant experience necessary

    Start date

    4th September 2017


    2 weeks. Monday to Friday. 9.30am - 4.30pm




    This course runs at our Strive Training Croydon education centre.

    Suffolk House · 2nd Floor East Suites · 23 & 21 George Street · CR0 0YN