Principles of Customer Service

Deliver effortlessly brilliant customer service. Garner a great reputation, retain life-long customers and deliver an excellent service every time. Our Customer Service course will give you the expertise to land and excel in your next consumer facing role.

About the course

Course starting dates To be advised
Course length This is a two week course
Certified Awarding City & Guilds
Lesson times Your daily Zoom session, with our experienced and dynamic tutor, runs from 9:30am to 4:30pm (with a one hour lunch break).

A two week course that has been carefully designed to provide you with the Customer Service skills and knowledge that employers are looking for in new recruits. You will learn key concepts that could set you up for a successful career in customer service.

Plus we’ll provide post-course employment assistance: get access to specially sourced job opportunities, and 1-to-1 advice on career direction, CVs, job applications, and more!

By the end of this course, you'll have:

  • Understand what contributes to good customer service and be familiar with common customer service terms and processes
  • Effortlessly deal with customers face-to-face and over the phone
  • Go the extra mile in delivering an exceptional customer experience
  • Use questioning techniques to appropriately manage customer requests and queries
  • Work effectively within a team to support the delivery of customer service

Course Content

The way you present yourself can leave a lasting impression on customers. You’ll learn how to create the right impression by dressing in a way that meets customers’ expectations and communicating in a professional manner.
You’ll discover how to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements and follow organisational procedures involved in delivering customer service. You’ll learn how to carry out common procedures in customer service, such as taking payment, processing refunds, and securely storing information. Additionally, you’ll examine the health and safety rules that relate to customer service.
Learn how to use your knowledge of products and services to deal with customer queries and requests. You’ll explore the difference between products and services, how to identify key product benefits and features, and share your knowledge with customers. Plus, you’ll also learn the preferred answers to customers’ commonly asked questions and queries.
Understand your role in a customer service environment. Throughout this unit, you’ll explore different customer service based jobs, what customers expect from someone doing these jobs, and how to identify a path for career progression.
You’ll gain an understanding of how the way you communicate impacts the customer service experience and develop skills for communicating with customers in a polite and professional way. You’ll learn how to develop a customer conversation, actively listen to their needs, respond to customer requests and use body language to create a positive experience.
You’ll explore the factors that contribute to effective customer service and become familiar with common customer service terms and language. You’ll study the connections between customer service, customer expectations and customer satisfaction, and learn how to deliver a great customer experience through teamwork.
Discover what’s meant by the customer service experience in this unit. You’ll examine the customer service delivery process, learn how to develop rapport with customers, and draw upon personal experiences to gain a deeper understanding of what constitutes a good customer experience.
Develop a polite and friendly approach to working with customers. Learn how to impress customers with your professionalism, responsiveness and consideration. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to practice interacting with different types of customers in different situations.

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