FastTrack Functional Skills in English and Maths to Launch in Croydon Centre

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Two innovative Functional Skills courses are launching in Croydon on February 4 – Maths and English – both delivered as intensive FastTrack courses.

Strive Training’s aim is for learners complete a Level 1 or Level 2 course in two weeks, however additional time is available for learners who may need it.

Rather than offering students a standardised approach to course delivery, each Strive Training learner will receive a carefully individualised learning programme based on their starting point, current level and experience.

“We don’t want any learners feeling that the group is moving too fast or slow for them,” said Jonny Phillips, Director of Strive Training. “It’s important that our learners work at a pace that’s right for them, on their individual pathway using tailored, individualised resources with the full support and guidance of our expert tutors.”

Violet Savizon of Croydon, who has previously undertaken both Maths and English courses with Strive Training, believes the new format is the “perfect solution”, with the courses’ pacing being of particular benefit: “Being able to undertake an equivalent GCSE qualification in more or less two weeks [is just] fantastic.”

“The response has been amazing,” commented Phillips. “These qualifications quickly open up tremendous opportunities for so many local residents, whether employed or unemployed – providing basic skills in English and Maths that employers may require as a starting point, as well as enabling progression opportunities for those already in work, and of course helping others move ahead in further or higher education.”  

The courses will run every month and are fully funded for learners, subject to eligibility.