Learner Stories


Learner Background

Learner Background

When I joined Strive, I had recently graduated from university with little to no experience in the professional job market. I found that when filling in applications – writing a CV was the hardest thing for me. I then spoke to my work coach at the job centre, and they referred me to the course with Strive.

It was a free course and I had the time – so I went for it.

My tutor, Antonia, was amazing, she was so inspiring and she made me believe in myself, and encouraged me to apply for jobs and feel more confident and motivated.

How Strive Training helped

How Strive Training helped

I took the course, Strive Professionals. I chose this course because I wanted more knowledge on how to apply for a job and how to develop my CV writing skills.

I am quite introverted, so learning remotely was a major benefit for me. Interacting with people in a face-to-face scenario is really nerve wracking; being in a virtual environment, I could be myself and was able to interact with my class confidently.

Even though it was only a 5-day course, it was really informative, but not too overwhelming. Everything was taught in a way that was attainable and easy to remember. Employability Plus was an amazing tool to have access to after the course, I was able to use the CV writing tools in this to help with my applications.

How Strive Training helped

Learner Outcome

I would definitely recommend Strive… and have already done so! It was such a fun and good course, where I learnt a lot. It’s amazing as so many different types of people can do the course and they all will be able to learn something or refresh their minds.

The benefits of taking a Strive course were numerous. There was a great mix of people that I was able to connect and engage with. I got a lot of knowledge and was able to network with new people from different industries and work experience. This really taught me a lot and made me feel like I am not on my own in all of this.

The Employability Plus tool has certainly been a major benefit. It really helped me to put together my CV. It really makes such a difference.

Taking the Strive course helped me get the job I have now – I used my CV from Employability Plus, and my cover letter which led to a telephone interview. Without the course I would not have got to where I am today. I am now working as a Data Analyst Training as part of the kickstart scheme.

Thank you Strive, I had such a positive experience!