Functional Skills: Unlock your Potential with Strive Training

Does balancing your accounts send you into a panic? Do you lack confidence in your ability to clearly communicate with others? Do you feel held back?

Strive Training’s free Functional Skills courses are designed to help you gain the skills, know-how, and confidence to tackle the everyday challenges that life presents. Whether you’re looking to advance in the workplace, pursue further education or simply feel more connected to those around you, our Functional Skills courses – in English, Maths – can help you navigate today’s modern world and pave the way for a more fulfilling education, career, and life.

Why are Functional Skills so important?

Simple maths and literacy skills are an important aspect of everyday life. From managing your finances and making recipes to sending emails and paying bills online, fundamental skills are needed to carry out a range of everyday activities.

By broadening your base knowledge, you can quickly and more effectively solve challenges that you encounter on a daily basis – whether it’s making simple calculations at the shop or more clearly communicating with others. Not to mention, today’s employers are increasingly looking for employees with problem solving and communication skills.

How Functional Skills Can Help You

Strengthening your everyday skills can help you achieve a more fulfilling life, career and education.

Build a brighter future

Functional skills can help you improve your job prospects, boost your earning potential, and lead to further study.

Boost your self-confidence

Learn how to take on everyday challenges with ease and confidence - whether it’s at work, at home or out and about.

Be part of the community

Develop the skills needed to fully participate and engage with the broader community.

Build a better life

Gain the skills, confidence, and accreditation to go after your dream job, take the next step in your education, or stay better connected to those around you.

Upskill your Life with Strive Training

Whether you’d like to brush up on your English skills or master the basics of maths, Strive Training can help you unlock a new set of skills to elevate your life.

  • 100% free courses. Courses are fully government funded for anyone aged 19+ and has been living in the European Union for the past 3 years.
  • Safe classroom-based learning. In our Croydon training centre.
  • Fully accredited qualifications. Nationally recognised qualifications that will open up job opportunities.
  • Tailored support. Get one-on-one support from our expert tutors who are here to help make sure you achieve your goals.
  • Four-week courses. Full-time Maths and Enlgish, or complete one qualification part-time

Unlock Your Life’s Potential

Each of our Croydon-based courses are available in Entry Levels 1-3 and are nationally accredited.
Our expert tutors will help you determine which level is right for you.


What our past learners say


“I would definitely recommend Strive. It is a great opportunity to gain valuable skills and interact with likeminded people for free. The team are all very supportive and continue to provide guidance even after the course has been completed.”


“I would have no hesitation in recommending Strive to anyone who wants to achieve better prospects. One of the main benefits has been enriching my knowledge and it will benefit me as I hopefully start a new job in the next few weeks.”


“Joining Strive was the best thing I have ever done, it gave me amazing opportunities and great confidence!”


“My experience with Strive Training has been extremely positive and I would not hesitate to recommend them, in fact, I have recommended Strive Training to a couple of people already!”