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UK Employers are enthusiastically taking advantage of the apprenticeship programme in order to recruit young and talented staff and increase productivity.

The Basics

Apprentices gain job-specific skills while working towards relevant qualifications - all in the workplace. Each apprentice is assigned a Strive Training assessor who will meet with them monthly in the workplace to assign work and assignments.

Available to current or new staff

You can participate by either recruiting new apprentices or by enrolling your existing eligible staff. An apprentice must be aged 16 years or above, a UK resident (or EU resident in the UK for more than three years), and cannot have a degree.

Apprenticeships last a minimum of 12 months

If you have specifically recruited an apprentice, following the completion of the program you can decide on whether or not they would like to continue employing the apprentice.

Mix and match units to meet your own requirements

Each apprentice works towards a nationally recognised qualification, but the units within the qualification can be customised to meet the specific needs of specific role within your company.

The Benefits

96% of employers have reported a benefit to their business. Here's why:

They help you recruit, keep and develop young, talented staff

Apprenticeships can deliver real bottom line benefits

Apprenticeships can be that key benefit that attracts and helps retain the employee(s) you need for business success.

Businesses report an average increase in productivity by £214 a week when they hire apprentices.

Apprentices have been shown to be more loyal to their employees.

Training an apprentice can be more cost effective than hiring trained staff.

Training a worker on the job enables you to develop a role with the specific skills needed for your business.

If you have not employed an apprentice in the last 12 months you may be eligible to receive grant of £1000 per apprentice.

Apprenticeship vacancies are filled quicker than traditional roles.

Up to 100% funding could be available to support Apprenticeship programmes in your business.

The Process

Strive Training run effective and straightforward apprenticeship programs, with minimum possible disruption to your business.



After an initial discussion, we’ll meet to determine your needs, and how an apprenticeship can be tailored to support your business needs.

We will also discuss whether you wish to offer this to current employees, or whether you’re looking to hire an apprentice.



We will submit a proposal based on your business needs that discuss the apprenticeships that could be offered and the qualifications that are available, and how long they would last.

If you’re looking to hire an apprentice we would assist you in promoting the vacancy.



We will then ensure that your potential apprentices meet eligibility criterias which includes some basic initial assessments to ensure that they are at the right level of apprenticeship.



Once your apprentice is signed up for their apprenticeship, we will schedule a series of monthly visits to assess them in their work environment as well as effectively deliver the related qualifications.

We will keep you updated and informed of their progress.



Once they have completed all the required qualifications for their apprenticeships, we will apply for their apprenticeship certificate .

The Levy

Questions about the Levy? We're here to help - contact us today on 0800 180 4841 for full clarity. Or, visit The Department for Education.

Knowledge Centre

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