Sector-Based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs)

A Smarter Way
to Get Customers
Back to Work

Sector-based work academy programmes (SWAPs) provide the perfect way to help your customers build confidence, improve their job prospects and prepare to take on their next role.

At Strive Training, we have the expertise, experience and passion to help your JobCentre develop and deliver a custom SWAP programme to support your customers’ journey back to the workforce.

A Partnership that Works

Since 2010, Strive Training has partnered with JobCentres across London to help their customers progress into employment. With SWAPs, we’re making our partnership even more powerful.

Our SWAPs bring together your motivated customers with our expert tutors and amazing employer network to provide a fast-track to a new career. Since August 2020, we’ve placed more than 300 (and counting!) people into a new job!

Our SWAP Process

Strive Training has already delivered a number of SWAPs, working with some of the UK’s biggest employers. We deliver our SWAPs in partnership with your JobCentre and our impressive employer network. Our flexible approach is designed to meet the unique needs of your customers and help you achieve your job outcome objectives.

  1. Conduct Job Needs Analysis

    We work with you to understand what type of SWAP programme will best suit your customer base and result in the greatest number of job placements.

  2. Find the Right Employer Partner

    We’ll tap into our expansive employer network to find the right employer partner for your SWAP programme. We partner with employers with high volumes of local vacancies across multiple sectors - so we’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your programme.

  3. Or Partner with your Designated Employer

    If you already have an employer in mind, our team can take the lead on coordinating, organising, and aligning the programme working directly with you and your employer.

  4. Pre-Job Training & Preparation

    Our curriculum experts will design and deliver a bespoke accredited training course, tailored specifically to the employer’s needs to help prepare your customers to take on an active open vacancy.

  5. Job Interview & Employment Support

    We’ll carefully prepare learners for their guaranteed interview and what to expect from the open role. Plus, our team will support them throughout the entire recruitment process!

  6. Full & Transparent Communications

    We’ll provide you with feedback on referrals made and celebrate any job outcomes!

Employers Who Have Recruited
Through Strive SWAPs

Successful, Sustainable
Work Placements

Taking part in a SWAP programme helps prepare your customersfor success
in the workforce and leads to more sustainable, long-term job prospects.

Lifelong Employability Skills

Pre-employment training allows learners to gain key employability skills, giving them more confidence in the workplace.

Right Skills for the Job

Your customers will gain the right skills and knowledge to step into a new role and hit the ground running!

Fast-Track to a New Job

With exclusive access to open vacancies and guaranteed job interviews, your customers will have a head start on securing a new role.

Employment Support

Our team will support your customers throughout every stage of the process, helping to boost their chance of job success!

What Our Partners Say

Richard Jackson, Sutton Borough JobCentrePlus

“Strive Training is one of the most successful training providers I have worked with for the last few years. By “successful” I really do mean “they get a lot of customers into sustainable work.”

Martin Randall, Kingston JobCentrePlus

“I can not recommend Strive Training enough. They are an exceptional provider. Strive ticks all of the boxes I need them to tick, so I will always be using them!”

Louise Riman, Shaw Trust

Strive is at the top of our list - it’s our go-to company to send our participants to. The courses, the support, the incredible way they support the participants on their journey is just so valuable to them.

Learner Success Stories

Hayley, Civil Service SWAP

Joining Strive was the best thing I have ever done, it gave me amazing opportunities and great confidence! Thanks to the preparation I did with Strive, my application for a DWP Work Coach position was really strong and I got the job!

Harry, Waitrose SWAP

I got the job - and all within two weeks of starting the course. I start as a Night Shift Warehouse Assistant at Waitrose Couldson next week - and I can’t wait to begin the job. Strive made this happen for me and I am ever so grateful for all of the support I have received along the way.

Stephen R, Civil Service SWAP

Without a doubt my tutor Maria and the people at Strive primed me to get through the incredibly complicated Civil Service recruitment process and land my current role. I totally recommend them. The course was great fun, challenging and very stimulating. Thank you!

Let’s get your
back to work.

Taking part in a SWAP programme helps prepare your
customers for success in the workforce and
leads to more sustainable, long-term job prospects.

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