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Get your career going

Earn while you learn, as you develop practical skills in a real workplace!

The Basics

Apprentices gain job-specific skills while working towards relevant qualifications - all in the workplace.

We can help you find an opportunity

If you’re not employed, Strive Training can help find the perfect opportunity for you - we work with employers all over the UK and all sorts of industries.

Earn a recognised qualification that opens opportunities

You’ll score a nationally recognised qualification that's related to specific job roles and career pathways. Kick-start your career!

Apprenticeships last a minimum of 12 months

Following 12 months of developing practical skills and earning your qualification, your apprenticeship employer may choose to take you on permanently!

The Requirements

You must be aged over 16

You must be a UK Resident, or a EU resident in the UK for more than three years.

You cannot have a degree.

The Benefits

Strive Training works with your current or future apprenticeship employer to enable you to

Develop your skills.

Gain a nationally recognised qualification.

Earn while you learn.

Follow a rewarding career.

Build up knowledge and skills learning on the job.

Become qualified in your chosen profession.

Gain hands-on experience working on-site with your Mentor and Assessor.

The Process

Are you currently employed in a relevant industry for an apprenticeship?



Speak to an employer to express your interest to complete an apprenticeship.



Once your employer gets in touch with us, we’ll check your eligibility, and work with the employer to determine your suitability for the opportunity. This may involve an interview.



We’ll assign an assessor who will meet you monthly in the workplace to assign work and assignments.



Once you have completed all the required qualifications for your apprenticeship, you will receive your certificate.

Are you looking for an apprenticeship?



Check the vacancies and choose which vacancy is of interest and apply. We will send your application to the business of choice.



If you’re successful, you’ll start your employment as an apprentice with the employer. Together with your employer, we will schedule a series of monthly visits to check your qualification and workplace progress.



Once you have completed all the required qualifications for your apprenticeship, you will receive your qualification. In the past, many apprentices have continued to work with their employers.

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