The Prison Sector

Reducing reoffending through the design and delivery
of effective short courses.

Partner Organisations

High Quality, Solution-Oriented Training
that makes a Significant Difference.

Here's how

  • 1. Outstanding Training

    Quality underpins every stage of our delivery - from our trainers to the delivery of our provision. It is our aim to provide the best and most effective learning experience for all men undertaking our courses.

  • 2. A Blended-Learning Approach

    Differentiation of teaching and learning ensures all men remain engaged. Men use our security-approved IT equipment to create their own unique learning pathways through engaging course content, with the support of our experienced trainers.

  • 3. Through-the-Gate Support

    We work actively with men open release to develop sustainable employment opportunities.

  • 4. Flexible Delivery

    A flexible delivery model that considers the day-to-day challenges of regimes within establishments.

  • 5. In-cell Learning

    Available as an additional support or embellishment, depending on the establishment.