Provide men with the skills, knowledge and confidence
to be an effective parent.

  • Half day session

  • For any fathers or

Strive Training have developed and created an exciting, innovative parenting skills programme specially designed for offenders to be delivered within the prison sector.

Module 1 - Parenting Fundamentals

The ParentingPlus programme consists of ten stand-alone modules - one general module and nine optional follow-up specific modules that may be re and-choose which modules they attend.

The modules are designed to provide skills, knowledge, confidence and tools to be an effective parent - whether coming up for release or serving a longer sentence.

The modules create understanding on the impact their behaviour has on their children and wider family unit. Additionally, they have been designed to have a positive impact on an offender’s general behaviour and motivation.

The ParentingPlus programme consists of the following modules

  • Parenting Fundamentals

  • Day-to-Day Parenting Techniques
    (coming soon)

  • Effective Role Modelling

  • Effective Discipline
    (coming soon)

  • Mending Family Ties

  • Being a First-Time Father
    (coming soon)

  • Teenagers - Building Relationships
    (coming soon)

  • Single Parenting
    (coming soon)

  • Raising Responsible Kids
    (coming soon)

The modules utilises blended learning techniques that engages all learners no matter their abilities or learning styles. This means learners use a laptop to access digital content while engaging in group activities and facilitated discussions - all led by an experienced trainer.

Course Information

  • Course Length

    We have considered the regimes in establishments and how to ensure those that would like to attend can do so without impacting on other activities.

    Each module is a single half-day session and can be delivered in an AM or PM session.

  • Who is this for

    The programme is open to anyone who wants to develop their parenting skills, whether they’re currently fathers or fathers-to-be, irrespectiveof release date.

  • Qualification

    Even though this not an accredited qualification it is internally certificated and anyone who attends and completes a module will receive a certificate.

  • Optimal Class Sizes

    The optimum class size for each module is 8-10 offenders

  • Course Resources

    Strive Training provide:

    • Laptops (security cleared)
    • A dedicated experienced Trainer
    • All printed course materials required to complete the course
  • Optional in-cell learning

    In-cell learning laptops or tablets are available with additional in-cell course content-depending on the establishment

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