New: An Unexpected Way to Prepare for the Kickstart Scheme

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Launched last September, the UK’s Kickstart Scheme is helping to put young people –  who have been some of the hardest hit by the economic impact of the pandemic – on the first rung of their career ladder. At Strive Training, we’re excited to be able to give young people an added boost by preparing them for success in the Kickstart Scheme, in a rather unexpected way. 


Introducing, The Unexpected –  a unique learning experience carefully designed to help 19-24 year olds build the skills, confidence and motivation to kick start their career. 


The Unexpected places learners in an imaginary game-like scenario where a terrible (and slightly silly) creature threatens the City of London. Learners are formed into teams of ‘HR Interns’ assigned by the Mayor of London to recruit a squad of superheroes to defend the streets of London. As part of their recruitment process, learners discover what employers look for in job applicants, how job ads are targeted, and try their hand at creating a standout CV. 

This unique, virtual live five-day course is truly a learning experience like no other! Not only do learners explore the inner workings of recruitment and develop critical teamwork skills, they also:

  • Gain clarity on their career options – with the help of a career direction app
  • Create a revamped CV that they can be proud to submit – built with digital CV technology
  • Build the confidence to face any interview question with ease
  • Become fully prepared for an amazing start in the Kickstart Scheme

….and learn a few unexpected things along the way! 

To learn more about the course or to refer your customers, head on over to The Unexpected course page here

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