Assessment Appeals Policy


It is theintention of Strive Training that the assessment process will be transparent, fair and just for all learners. All learners have the right to appeal against any assessment decision.

Any learner may appeal against an assessment decision if you feel:

  • You have been treated unfairly
  • The assessment decision to be wrong or invalid
  • The assessment process to be unfair or wrongly carried out
  • The assessment or teaching methods to be inappropriate
  • The assessment process to be unreliable or inconsistent
  • The course work and content not meeting the course outline

A copy of this policy will be publicly displayed and provided to all learners during induction.Written records will be kept of all appeals.At any stage any learner can seek the support of an advocate or friend to assist you to deal with your appeal.

The Appeals Policy Stages

Stage 1

In the first instance you should discuss your concerns with your tutorand ask them for a rationale on how the assessment decision was made.As part of this review, the IQA response would also be reviewed to confirm if the assessment decision made by the tutor is correct. If the assessmentdecision is upheld atthis stage, then the next stage would be to have an independentassessment and moderation. We would review this and determineif the assessment decision is upheld by the assessorand IQA. If the independentmoderationandassessmentupholds the original decision, this will be communicatedto you and at this stage you would have the option to formally appeal.

Stage 2

If you have been unable to resolve your appeal or complaint informally you can appeal in writing to the Director of Quality and Operations,John Stapleton via You will need tooutline the nature of your appealclearly stating the reasons for the appeal.Your appeal will be acknowledged, assessedand reviewed based on the points and evidence put forward. This may include a discussion with you for any further informationrequired or to provide further context for the appeal. This could also include a discussion with the course tutor on the assessmentdecision and the outcomes and their justification.Adecision will be given to you in writing within 14 days.

Stage 3

If you are still not satisfied with the result of your appeal you can request for your appeal to be forwarded to an Appeals Committee. The committee will consist of the organisation’s senior management staff and another network member. The committee will respond to your appeal in writing within 4 weeks. The result of the Appeals Committee will be final.