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Learner Background

Learner Background

When my ongoing seasonal job contract came to an end, I found myself unemployed.

So I did the usual: I iploaded my CV to various jobsites, signed on for Universal Credit and started job searching daily, emailing CV for numerous jobs.

But I had no success – not even an interview.

Being out of work made me feel useless. I lost my confidence, I began to question my ability to apply for certain jobs that I knew I could do but I started to doubt myself.

I felt the longer I was out of work I was becoming de-skilled.

I then remembered that a few years ago, after being made redundant, I had attended Strive Training Customer Service course.

So after getting nowhere with my job searching, I asked my Job Centre work coach to refer me to Strive to do some further training to up-skill myself and give myself a better chance with my job searching.

How Strive Training helped

How Strive Training helped

I enrolled in the following Strive Training courses: Business Administration (Level 1), Lifestyle Matters, Employability and ITQ (Level 2).

Doing these courses means that I’ve gained valuable skills, knowledge and recognised qualifications to add to my CV and boost my chances of getting into work.

The courses I took helped to boost my confidence by making me feel more positive about my job searching.

I improved my Business Administration knowledge and gained new skills. On my Employability course I was able to update and improve my CV and cover letter to current industry standards. Also improve my interview skills.

On my Lifestyle Matters course I gained valuable ways to improve my lifestyle and wellbeing through personal health, exercise, healthy eating.

This course especially helped me discover different ways of relaxing to alleviate stress and improve my overall wellbeing by also thinking and being more positive.

I have to give a big thank you to all the staff at Strive Training Croydon who are all amazing.

They provide such a relaxing, welcoming, supportive and nurturing learning experience and environment with a family vibe.

The people who have been influential in my Strive journey are my Business Administration tutor Dee Lewis, my Employability tutor Antonia Kyriakou, my Lifestyle Matters tutor Maria T, and Saleena Inkin (the Employment Engagement Officer).

How Strive Training helped

Learner Outcome

My experience at Strive Croydon really rebuilt my confidence gave me the positivity to go out into the workforce with renowned confidence.

With the help of Strive Training Croydon, I am now happily working for Kensington and Chelsea Council as a Contact Centre Advisor.

Thank you Strive Training!