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Learner Background

Learner Background

I used to look after disabled children with challenging behaviours. But last year I was diagnosed with a severe kidney disease which prevented me from working in such a physically demanding role.

I still wanted to remain in healthcare, but shift to an office based role – so I was looking for a course that would help me gain the relevant skills and confidence.

How Strive Training helped

How Strive Training helped

I was directed to Strive Training’s Croydon training centre, and went on to complete two courses there: Business Administration Level 1 and ITQ Level 1. I really enjoyed them.

I wanted to continue with new courses, learning new skills. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the centre temporarily closed.

Thankfully, they offered a range of online courses. Initially, I had few worries given my experiences with online courses – they haven’t been the best experiences. After all, usually you’re not given a ‘real’ person to support you. And even if you are, you can barely get in contact with them. Also learning content can often be very patronising or unnecessarily complex.

But Strive Training made sure to digitally cover the materials just perfectly with the right balance! They use a variety of learning styles to suit a wide range of learners, and the materials weren’t repetitive or overwhelming.

My online Business Administration Level 2 course gave me solid know-how, an accredited qualification – and it was fully funded!

(Also, the certificates are really professional looking, and will look great when I bring them to my next job interview!)

Strive Training cater so well for all learning styles, personalities and experiences – plus they’re very flexible and understanding.

I would definitely recommend Strive because of they’re very professional, and everyone there has been very friendly, empathetic, and respectful.

How Strive Training helped

Learner Outcome

I’ve been out of work for 18 months due to my health. But now, instead of going back to work empty-handed and a bit rusty, I’ll be returning with three qualifications and a lot more knowledge and confidence than before!

In a few days I’ll be starting the Principles of Team Leadership course, which I’m so excited about. Honestly, I want to do all of Strive’s courses before I’m ready to work again!