Learner Stories


Learner Background

Learner Background

My name is Cornelia and I live in South West London.

I was going to start a new role but unfortunately the employer redrew the offer because of Covid.

Suddenly everything changed and the positive image that I had about the future completely disappeared within less than a week. I started applying to jobs but unsuccessfully because for obvious reasons nobody was recruiting, at least not in my field (customer service office based).

Luckily my work coach recommended the Civil Service SBWA course with Strive – thanks a million Natasha! I knew I needed to do something different because everything I had tried so far, didn’t seem to bring any positive results.

How Strive Training helped

How Strive Training helped

I really enjoyed doing the course and I found it extremely useful. I realised what I had to improve and what to really focus on during job applications in general and also specifically for the Work Coach role, the CV is very important but also a strong profile and a targeted cover letter are equally important and can make a difference if you want to stand out from all the other candidates.

The course was very well structured and organised, we received the resources on day one and we were always discussing in advance the agenda for the following day. Learning remotely was easier than expected and it was great to work with a group of people, motivating and encouraging each other and of course counting on the support, guidance and experience of a great tutor (thank you so much Maria!).

How Strive Training helped

Learner Outcome

I would 100% recommend Strive to learners, the courses are fully accredited and completely free and you have so many options to choose from. Strive have such a dedicated team, extremely supportive and they truly care about helping people to succeed in their career. The support goes on even after the completion of the course, all your questions are answered, and 1 to 1 support is also provided.

Thank you so much Strive team for your help, you are truly wonderful!

Thanks to you I secured the work coach role and I cannot wait to start next month.

Best of luck to everyone and keep going, never give up! The right opportunity will come at the right time!