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Learner Background

Learner Background

I was out of work and feeling down and out. I’d had my first first child before suffering from postnatal depression, all while dealing with domestic abuse. These stresses let me to being homeless – living in a hostel.

As a member of Roehampton University Alumni, holding a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree, I was shattered that I’d reach such a devastating low point.

I was broke. I felt like a failure. I felt as if others around me did not respect me because I seemingly didn’t do anything that they regarded as valuable.

Even though I was attempting to get back on my feet and generate an income through self-employment, it was a dificult and lonely time.

So my confidence at being capable of doing anything was almost non-existent – until I found Strive.

I googled Strive Training and emailed them after hearing about them from a friend who had taken the Level 2 Warehousing and Storage course, and been interviewed by Waitrose.

I received a call from Strive the following day, inviting me to the centre register for the same Warehousing course. I learnt that Strive offered other courses, and so I registered my interest for Business Admin, ITC and Customer Service.

How Strive Training helped

How Strive Training helped

Strive Training’s courses helped me immensely. I started to once again believe in myself and my capabilities. Using my mind to get out of a stagnant place, mentally, has been the most rewarding thing for me.

Strive Training honestly and genuinely care about you. They help you progress, no matter where you have found yourself in life.

It was helpful to meet others who have been through various other difficulties in life and were striving for more too. I have met people and made friendships here that I will carry through with me in life.

I am blessed and grateful.

How Strive Training helped

Learner Outcome

I am ready to start appreciating myself, taking myself and my dreams seriously, and to start working. I am applying for the assessment host position here at Strive, as well as a teaching assistant.

I believe in myself again, and have moved forward from the haunting things I have been through.

I am proud of myself and I am forever grateful for Strive Training.