Got the Skills, Got the job! An interview with Steven Allen

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What are you doing with yourself?

I am now working at Waitrose Coulsdon Fulfilment Centre as a delivery driver!

How did you hear about Strive Training?

I was referred to Strive by my local Job Centre, and after attending an information day at the job centre in Purley I decided that this was the best option for me to get back into work.

How was your time at Strive?

I had a great time learning at Strive. The class was full of characters which made it a very relaxed learning environment. The customer Service course was very informative (even for someone like me who spent an entire working life in customer facing environments) and taught me how techniques for approaching and dealing with customer issues.

How did your get your job at Waitrose?

Through Strive Training! The great thing about Strive is the partnership that they have with Waitrose. During the two week Customer Service course, two members of the Waitrose recruitment team came to visit us and tell those of us looking to apply to Waitrose all about the jobs we could ultimately apply for. They gave me a better understanding of what we were getting involved in long before we actually got to the interview stage, meaning I had time to best prepare for the interview itself. The guys from Waitrose also assisted us if we had any difficulties with the online application form and also with the online driver assessment which I think gave us a small advantage over the other applicants.

By the end of the course, there were four of us who had applied to become delivery drivers. All four of us were successful in getting interviews and all four of us were ultimately offered positions with Waitrose.

Things must be a bit different in your life now!

Thanks to Strive Training my life has definitely improved. I would never have thought to apply for this position without the knowledge that I got from Strive Training. Many thanks to Ananta and the team at Croydon!