Got the Skills, got the Job – E.D.

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What are you now doing with yourself?

I am looking after my little one and waiting to start my new job with CMG which I am really looking forward to as there are many opportunities ahead with CMG.

How did you hear about Strive Training?

I heard from the Job Centre Croydon through my work coach. I did the first course loved doing the courses and continued till I achieved 3 certificates adding onto other certificates I obtained in the past yrs.

How was your time at Strive?

Strive was a very welcoming and homely place of learning which I can recommend to anyone at any day. I have done most of the courses at Strive and I have successfully finished them.

How did you get your job at CMG?

Ananta introduced CMG employers to our class, I spoke to them and applied while I was on the course. I was pleased to hear that I had been called for an interview, and even happier to be offered a job which I accepted. They have processed my references and paid for my DBS, and I start my shift soon. If it was not for Strive I would not have got the job with Flexi working hours.

Things must be quite a bit different for you now. Is that the case?

Yes I will get to work in a flexible environment and look after my son without having to worry too much about child care. Coming to Strive Training has had a very positive impact in my life because I have not just gained knowledge I have also gained a job with flexible working hours through Strive matching me with the right employer.

Any message to other  potential students?

Do not ever feel like no one understands your problems there is always someone to talk to. I found Ananta very easy to talk to and she understood what I was going through and offered her help from day one. All I can say is ask and you will get help, don’t feel your alone, there is always someone out there in your situation and waiting to make you realise that you can get through.

Staff at Strive are very helpful and always willing to listen to what the students need. Give strive a try they are a great training centre.