New Course: Essential Digital Skills

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The digital economy has reshaped how people work, live and learn. To find work and fully engage in society, nearly everyone needs to possess some basic digital skills and knowledge – whether it’s how to communicate via email, conduct Zoom calls or stay safe online.

That’s why we’re delighted to now offer Essential Digital Skills Qualifications – in both Entry Level 3 and Level 1. A Digital Skills qualification is an ideal way to develop the digital skills needed to fully participate in life, work and the digital landscape. 

Our Entry Level 3 course is suited for learners with little to no experience with technology, and will take place over the course of two weeks. Alternatively, our Level 1 course is a three-week programme designed for those with some familiarity using digital devices and the internet. Don’t worry – we’ll assess which one best suits each individual!

During this course, learners will gain critical everyday digital skills, including:

  • Using the internet for research
  • Creating, editing and saving digital documents
  • Communicating through social media, email and text messaging
  • Conducting banking, shopping and other activities online
  • Staying safe when using digital devices

We’re excited to be offering this course in a blended learning format. Learners will have the opportunity to combine independent study with in-person courses in our Covid-safe Croydon Training Centre.

Courses start on 6th September! To refer your customers, simply send them to the course page here to enrol!