Strive Success – Joy

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What made you do an English course?

I have always wanted to be a Teacher since I was a child, but my qualifications were over 10 years old and had not studied for long time. After migrating to the UK, I was unsure how to progress. I found out that in order to join a teacher training course, I needed an English qualification.

How did you found out about Strive Training?

The National Careers Service signposted me to Strive Training to gain the English qualification as I did not have it, and it’s a mandatory requirement for any teacher training course.

How was the training programme?

Excellent! I was successfully supported throughout my English course. I will always be grateful for the knowledge, advice and support I received from Strive Training.

I must pay special tribute to my wonderful tutor, Ms. June. She was the most understanding, non-judgemental, supportive, encouraging and wonderful teacher. She kept on inspiring me to keep going and become a teacher.

What happened as a result of qualification?

I was accepted on a Teacher Training course with a top university of my choice and I have since started the course!

The knowledge I acquired from the course assisted me in the application, as well as the qualification itself. I was able to write and refine a high quality UCAS Personal Statement and successfully complete the application form. I also managed to improve my CV in order to maximise my opportunities when applying for jobs in education.

I am also now able to confidently communicate my skills, experience and passion for teaching in interviews. I now feel confident and capable to continue developing these skills independently.