Strive Training – loved by OFSTED

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OFSTED carried out an unannounced monitoring visit to Strive Training in late March. Following a detailed two-day inspection, Strive Training was awarded ‘top honours’:

Read the full report.

A monitoring visit has three key outcomes, whereby three grades are awarded across three themes. The three grades are:

  1. Significant progress
  2. Reasonable progress (our minimum target)
  3. Insufficient progress

We were delighted to have secured two ‘Significant progress’ grades, and one ‘Reasonable progress’ grade:

1. How much progress have leaders and managers made in designing, and delivering relevant adult learning provision that has a clear defined purpose. 

Significant progress  (the highest grade possible)

2. What progress have leaders and managers made in ensuring that learners benefit from high-quality adult education that prepares them well for their intended job role, career aims and/or personal goals. 

Significant progress (the highest grade possible)

3. What progress have leaders and managers made in ensuring that effective safeguarding arrangements are in place.

Reasonable progress

The report highlights Strive Training’s commitment to quality education that prepares learners to  be job-ready. Here are some extracts from the publically available report:

“…the quality of delivery at the different centres is of a constantly high standard.”

“[Strive Training]  provide learning support that is well tailored for individuals.”

“Teachers plan their classes so that almost all learners develop the skills and behaviours that they need to gain jobs…”

‘’Learners who have not been in education for many years, or who have little vocational experience, steadily develop confidence and make good progress.”

‘’A high proportion of learners secure jobs, attend interviews, and develop clear career goals’’

‘’Managers and teachers ensure that courses are closely focused on developing learners’ employment skills.”

Strive Training’s director, Jonny Phillips, credited his team’s professional and personalised approach. “Everyone in this organisation works extremely hard to make sure we’re providing a first-rate, tailored experience for our learners. We’re pleased and honoured that Ofsted so clearly recognise this”

John Stapleton, Strive Training’s Operations Manager, noted that Ofsted spent much time speaking to learners. “Ofsted said they were overwhelmed by students’ enthusiasm for what they were learning. The team works hard to make sure learners not only make significant progress, but also feel at home here.”