Talking with a Trainer – Antonia

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Tell us about your role at Strive Training

I’m the Employability Lead here at Strive Training, as well as a Trainer/Assessor – meaning I get to help our learners realise their full potential and become stand out candidates for employers. 

From learning how to market themselves better, to unlocking the key to staying motivated, it’s amazing to see learners’ confidence be boosted so quickly. Helping others is what I love, and being able to help change and transform lives is priceless. I love making a difference!

 The Civil Service Employability courses are being so well received. Why do you think that is?

We’ve worked really hard to create a course that gives candidates all the resources, information and detail they need to apply for Civil Service jobs successfully. training session. 

We give candidates a real insight into the new recruitment process at the Civil Service using their Success Profiles. Then our Trainers prepare and coach each candidate, including help preparing for psychometric tests, writing supporting statements and the virtual timed interview on Microsoft Teams. Then there is an invaluable opportunity for our candidates to attend a Civil Service presentation on the course, where the candidates can ask questions directly to the Civil Service.

This detailed preparation and our extra webinars to support candidates mean that we proudly have many candidates with successful outcomes. It’s clear from feedback from candidates the way Strive Training has put the course together with a focus on interactivity has meant every candidate has a very engaging, informative and inclusive experience. It’s been my absolute pleasure to be the coordinator for this course!                                                                                                                                                   

You manage to build a strong relationship with your students in only a matter of days…and via Zoom! How do you do that?

I want every single person I meet to succeed, whatever success means to them. I love spending time getting to know everyone’s dreams, big or small, and helping them realise that they can achieve them. 

I work really hard to create a safe, comfortable, supportive, positive environment that empowers each and every learner – and that passion translates through Zoom or in person.  

Looking back at your time with Strive, can you give a sample of a student success story that stands out in your mind?

Well, there are so many stories and testimonies to give, as so many learners leave Strive Training courses and get the employment they want. 

One learner in particular stands out, he hadn’t worked in over 7 years and felt hopeless when it came to his job prospects. We dove a little deeper and uncovered that he always wanted to be a Restaurant Manager.

By the time he ended his course, he had a targeted CV and Cover Letter and the interview skills to apply for his job opportunities. In the first month after leaving the course he obtained a job as a Kitchen Porter, then continued progressing higher and higher, and now he is a Restaurant Manager! It took him about a year of hard work – what an amazing success story. 

If you are reading this newsletter, never give up on your career goals or dreams they can happen!

Do you have any messages for our JCP partners? 

Here at Strive Training we love helping to profess your candidates and colleagues to keep progressing on their chosen career path.

We get some great feedback from our JCP Partners. Recently we helped a JCP Partner support their administrative colleagues with a one day training course to help them successfully apply for a higher grade job.

Here’s the brilliant feedback we got:

“The feedback that I have had from colleagues that attended the course was that the tutor, Antonia, was extremely inspiring and thought provoking and led the sessions with great skill and attention to detail. Everyone came away from the session feeling very confident to apply for the vacancies, and appreciated the support in improving and refining their personal statements.”