New Lifestyle Matters Programme Receives Rave Reviews

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The first of Strive Training’s innovative Lifestyle Matters programmes has been a resounding success.

A diverse cohort of learners attended the two weeks programme in the Croydon centre, and were delighted with the programme’s positive impact on their general well being and confidence. Additionally, the programme focuses on providing learners with tools to overcome barriers that would otherwise prevent them from fulfilling their potential. 

Elizabeth B, who was initially hesitant to join the programme, commented that the Lifestyle Matters programme had “made me feel alot more positive; I now realise that I am capable.”

Harry V described the initiative as “superb”, and specifically complimented programme mentor Maria Theodorou.  “She’s the best of the best…insightful, empathetic, smart, friendly, professional, and is capable of controlling a room through simply understanding how people work.”

“Our team spent a tremendous amount of time preparing a programme that would truly help people  find their own solutions to life’s everyday challenges and create lasting change,” said Maria. “It’s been tremendously rewarding to see learners’ outlooks completely transform.”

Participant Wendy M says the course is ideal for anyone who “is lacking in direction and confidence.”

To ensure follow-up and continued support, Strive Training has created an online community, where programme alumni can keep in touch with each other and their mentors.

“The feedback has been outstanding,” said Jonny Phillips, Director of Strive Training, “We’re very excited to expand the provision of this programme in order to help as many people as possible achieve their goals.”

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