New: Strive Professionals

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Strive Training is proud to introduce Strive Professionals – a 5 day online employability programme that’s developed and structured with this ‘advanced’ learner profile in mind.

“Given the pandemic, we’ve noticed an abundance of professionals who are unemployed and receiving benefits. They’re facing a situation that they’re very unfamiliar with and frustrated by,” said Ananta Patel, Strive Training’s Business Relationship Manager. “Speaking to many partners, it’s clear that they need a unique solution to help these customers bounce back.”

The programme features:

  1. An emphasis on transferable skills to help them unlock new career opportunities
  2. Exclusive workshops on how to best utilise LinkedIn for job searching, run by Adecco.
  3. Adecco will also register suitable candidates on the programme and put them forward for current employment opportunities
  4. Practical strategies on how to successfully adapt to the new reality of job searching – shifting career goals, virtual interviews, SJQ, and more!
  5. A forum where they can feel understood, encouraged, re-focussed and re-energised!

We’re running two trial courses on Mondays January 11 and January 25th, 2020 – send your customers to THIS PAGE to register!


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