Talk with a Trainer – Janet Baker

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You’re an Employability, Business Admin, Retail and Customer Service trainer – how do you manage to wear so many hats?

Personal experiences and the passion I have for learning allow me to share my knowledge. Compassion for others is what gives me the patience to teach.

You manage to build strong relationships with your students in only a matter of days. How do you do that?

From the beginning I take time to get to know my learners. It builds trust and rapport. Even though I am there to teach them I see them as individuals who need a guiding hand. It helps me know how to teach them and builds their confidence which makes them want to learn and not disappoint those who believe in them.

Looking back on the years, can you give us a sample of success stories stick that stick out in your memory?

While I am proud of every learner that has sat in one of my classes and made an effort the learner that immediately comes to mind is one who had never worked before and attended the Customer Service course. Upon completion she was interviewed and hired by a major retailer.

She took the time to come back to me to show her appreciation. She mentioned that although she had never previously held a job, her employer was surprised and delighted at her knowledge and she attributed it to the course I taught.

What do you think makes Strive’s Employability course so different to others out there?

One of the major factors of the employability course is the digital CV program that is unique to Strive. We teach the learners what to expect and in my opinion show them the functions needed in real world job search.

We are rigorous in the interview preparation in order to help them combat any obstacles they may face – not only physically, but also emotionally.

What is one of the key ways to maximise student engagement?

I think it’s all about treating people with Respect, really. And of course, asking questions to create a thought process that generate answers specific to each individual while creating a safe and judgment free environment so learners feel welcome to express their ideas and participate.

If a learner is having trouble choosing between our Customer Service, Retail and Business Admin courses – what would you recommend?

All of our courses and instructors are amazing. My answer would be dependent on the individual’s career path as to what they should initially take. I specifically recommend the Customer Service course, as the skills learnt essential for any career when dealing with other people.


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