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Home-based courses to help employees reach their full potential.
100% Government funded
Engaging online learning
Nationally accredited qualifications
Each course takes an average of 5 – 10 weeks
Transform your Workforce

It’s a challenging time for businesses and their people right now. Businesses both large and small have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. However, even amongst the toughest challenges, opportunity can still be found.

Our fully accredited, government-funded online courses are designed to equip your employees with the training and skills necessary to move forward in their careers. Courses can be completed from the comfort and safety of home and are fully funded by the UK government.

Through engaging course content and tailored training programmes, we can help transition your employees from sofa to career superstar in an average of 5-10 weeks. We offer a wide-range of courses designed to keep employees engaged, motivated and on a path to success, regardless of experience.

Flexible Staff Training that Meets Your Organisation's Needs

Give your employees the skills they need to advance their careers or transition to a new one.

Upskill at Scale

  • Provide workers with the training they need to stay relevant or advance within your organisation.

Reskill for Success

  • Retrain workers to take on entirely new roles and responsibilities and start down a new career path.

Outskill for Support

  • Provide the education and training employees need to transition to high-demand occupations outside your organisation.
Take your talent to the next level
  • Fully accredited, 100% free courses – Level 2 qualifications officially recognised and funded by the UK government
  • Gain a competitive advantage – Elevate your workforce with on-demand skills and training
  • Retain talent – Reduce turnover by retraining workers for the roles you need
  • Ease career transitions – Support employees who are transitioning to a role outside your organisation
Our Home Learning courses take place from the comfort of your employees' home! Your employees can be enrolled on our courses whenever they are ready, and start when they're ready.
Yes, the main advantage of doing our Home Learning course is that allows learners to be flexible to choose the times that suits them to learn. Each course will have a recommended date to complete, with plenty of time to work through the units to gain the qualification.
The amount of time that a learner dedicates to the course is entirely flexible. Depending on the qualification, someone dedicating 15 hours of learning a week can complete their qualification within eight weeks.
All our courses are free for those who are employed (and also unemployed) - subject to the eligibility: - Be 19+ as of 31/08/2019 - They are either in employment and can supply evidence (i.e. payslips, contract) OR in receipt of state benefits and can supply evidence - Have lived in the UK for the past 3 years or have the right to stay in the UK (subject to accepted right of stay) - Have valid identification - Have valid proof of address - Please note that 19-23 year olds must hold a first full Level 2 or Level 3 qualification
Please get in touch with us via the form on this page, and we'll work with you to co-ordinate the sign up process for your interested employees - it's quite straightforward!
No, no one needs to attend our training center for any of our Home Learning courses. (Note that under normal circumstances we deliver various classroom-based courses from our training centers in Croydon, Harrow and Tottenham - learn more at https://strivetraining.wpengine.com/classroom-based-courses/)
Yes, anyone who is employed (or unemployed) can enroll on any of our courses, subject to eligibility.
No, learners can start when they're ready and enroll when they're ready.
Learners can enroll on one course at a time, but can do as many as you like to achieve their career goals. We are happy to give you or your employees information, advice and guidance on any courses that they may wish to complete.
Of course! All of our courses are accredited courses and learners will receive a nationally recognized certification on achievement.
All our Home Learning courses are assignment based, so learners will need to complete assignments for each of the units of the qualifications and submit them to your assessor.
Your assessor will be available to support you through phone calls, email or via our messaging system and provide feedback on all your assignments you submit.
Yes, learners will be certainly be provided with regular progress updates.
Yes, there are further courses that will become available in due course, we will be keeping our website updated regularly, but if you would like to be notified please email us at homelearning@strivetraining.co.uk
We continually try to make learning simple and transparent. Learning through our online platform is incredibly easy and learners can navigate around their qualification quickly and access all the learning materials as soon as they login. Studying should be about what you learn, not how you learn it. Which is why we make the entire process as simple as possible to help learners adjust to learning online.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) eCourses

We also offer a range of online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified courses, ideal for upskilling your workforce from home. These short e-learning courses are an affordable, accessible and enjoyable way to help your employees continue their professional development - even while they’re out of the office.

The Courses
  • Principles of Internet Safety
  • Safeguarding Adults and Children
  • Safeguarding Adults and Children
  • Awareness of Substance Misuse
  • Understanding Anxiety
  • UNderstanding Depression
  • Understanding Stress
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Business Essentials
  • Introduction to First Aid
  • Personal Money Management
  • Prevent for Professionals
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Understanding Equality and Diversity
  • Explore the Principles of Healthy Eating
  • Principles of Weight Management
  • Principles of Exercise and Fitness
  • Conflict Management
  • Discipline in the Workplace
  • Induction of New Staff
  • Leading and Motivating a Team
  • Organising and Delegating
  • Performance Management
  • Planning and Allocating Work
  • Solving Problems and Making Decisions
  • Stress Management
  • Understanding Leadership
  • COSHH Risk Assessment
  • DSE Risk Assessment
  • Fire Safety Principles
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Manual Handling Safety at Work
  • Prepare to Deliver Excellent
  • Customer Service
  • Food Safety Awareness

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